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tv   MSNBC Live With Craig Melvin  MSNBC  November 10, 2016 7:00am-8:01am PST

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is leaving trump tower in new york in about an hour. we're watching the white house where the next president and first lady meeting with president obama in the oval office and then mike pence will head over to capitol hill to meet with house speaker paul ryan. pence will meet with vice president joe biden and his wife jill today. and we're also learning that trump and pence will meet with majority leader mitch mcconnell this afternoon. this all comes after a night of unrest, protesters unhappy with the trump victory took to the streets in major cities all across the country to voice their discontent with the election results. >> it's not okay to be racist. it's not okay to have a president like that, that we don't respect. we have to president our president. we look up to our president. >> reporter: we have reports on the transition of power from the 44th to the 45th president. brand new security measures in place in trump tower in new york and i want to start with my friend and colleague, chris
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jansing. stakes could not be higher. my sources say the president wants to convey that he's going to help with this new transition and at the same time, he has a number of staff members who are devastated by this. >> they had to have a serious of beatings yesterday. he called small groups of staffers into his office to say to them, this is how democracy works and it's okay to be upset. you also have a job to do. we have a constitutional responsibility to have a smooth transition of power. they started well, as you know, at the beginning of the year to make sure that this was going to happen and there you're seeing donald trump's plane getting ready to take off. you know, in the closing week, donald trump and his staff wasn't sure this day was going to happen and these folks were sure it was going to be hillary clinton. so it was important for the president to set that tone for his staff, for the nation. here's a little bit of what he had to say. >> we are now all rooting for a
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success. in uniting and leading the country. the peaceful transition of power is one of the hallmarks of our democracy. and over the next few months, we are going to show that to the world. >> reporter: now, does that mean it's not going to be awkward? yes, it's going to be awkward. donald trump questioned the legitimacy of president obama with the whole birther movement. you heard the things, an unprecedented run by the president including ten appearances in the last week on behalf of hillary clinton. having said that, i think that this is an important meeting. it's one where questions can be asked. it's one where these two men are going to come face to face for the first time. a lot of people don't realize, but i got it confirmed by the white house this morning. they have never met before for all the talk. >> just striking to think about that. part of the concern here amongst the staffers and the president himself is they worked on all of these various policies for the past 8 years and donald trump
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ran on a platform saying, i'm going to undo all of that. obamacare, the immigration actions. do you expect the president will raise any of that today? >> look, his staff said he'll answer questions. if he's not there to be a professor, not there to lecture. this is what you ought to do about obamacare. he's not going to do that. it's not in his personality and it's not effective. but he will be there to ease this transition. there are a lot of questions donald trump will presumably have but for the two of them, the symbolic importance of this moment cannot be overstated as i walked back from dinner, i saw two protests. one down the street and another one outside of the new trump hotel. these people are as upset as the people inside this room. they need to send this message to the country that this is going to be a peaceful transition and as the president has said, the sun did come up today and we have to move forward. >> let's get the thinking from
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inside team trump as we watch trump's plane taking off for washington, dc. the president elect. katy tur who knows better than anyone what donald trump is thinking and feeling at this very moment, katy. what does donald trump hope, expect to get out of this historic meeting today and i know you have new reporting on a potential new cabinet. >> my alarm just went off as you tossed to me. i want to note one thing. donald trump is taking off right now on his own plane. normally when a president elect is elected, they immediately get a military plane so this is the first time that we have an elected president flying on his own jet. a notable break from the past. donald trump though is certainly feeling excited from what i'm hearing from my sources inside the campaign. they hope to get this meeting going. they hope to find a way to bridge gaps between the two men so that they can bridge the gap
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in this country right now. the campaign is adamant about feeling this, saying they want things to get better. they want to take in people who did not vote for donald trump and find a way to understand why and to smooth it over and to represent them going forward. certainly, that is going to be a difficult task. this country is very divided. i know chris jansing was saying she was walking down the street and seeing protests in dc. the moment i left 30 rock, thousands of people were protesting in the streets of manhattan walking from times square up north to central park. so that is going to be a challenge for the president elect. also a challenge going forward and finding cabinet members and all of the various transition logistics that go into this next three months. he's supposed to find, i think, 50 appointees until november or by thanksgiving, excuse me, but in terms of who they are looking at, rudy giuliani, ag, newt gingrich, secretary of state and
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ken feinberg in charge of handing out compensation for families of 9/11 could be considered for attorney general. he's somebody who takes the law very seriously. very apolitical. that is a name that's reassuring a number of people that are close to donald trump that is somebody who could potentially, i don't want to say rein him in but in theory be able to give some balance in the white house. so those are the names floated right now and steve, donald trump's finance chair. he's been floated for treasury. senator jeff sessions for a major role. unclear right now. senator bob corker as well. chris christie. michael flynn. names we're hearing and reince priebus for chief of staff. >> katy, we know chris christie was asked about this and he's getting a number of questions about what role he might play. what is he saying? >> reporter: chris christie and rudy giuliani, frankly, both of them are not really confirming anything.
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they're not even confirming that they're having conversations. of course, they would say it would be very honored to be considered for anything. look at how chris christie paused this morning though when he was on "the today show ". >> i am not committed to doing anything in a new administration or not. the bottom line is that i have a job to do to get the administration ready. if there's some role for me that i want to do and that the president elect wants me to do, we have known each other for 14 years. we'll talk about it. >> we don't have the pause in that sound bite but when they asked him about potentially a chief of staff role, chris christie paused for quite a long time on "the today show." take that for what you will but a lot of nanmes floating and tw new york centric names and maybe look at others in this part of the country as well. >> katy tur, thank you. and of course, president elect trump has another big meeting today on capitol hill. he and vice president elect
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pence will head from here to the hill where they'll meet with house speaker paul ryan. nbc's kelly o'donnell is live on capitol hill. so kelly, set the stakes for us. what are your sources telling you about this meeting and the expectations? obviously, paul ryan, donald trump have had a thorny relationship. what's the tone going to be today? >> reporter: it's going to be about trying to look forward. when you see the transition meeting that's happening at the white house, that will be a short term relationship. what will be happening on this part of pennsylvania avenue down the street from capitol hill is a long term relationship where the president elect will have to try to find a working relationship with the leaders in congress. so he has been here before. i'm standing between two parked cars. that's washington, dc. behind us is the headquarters for republicans in the house and the republican national committee. this is off the capitol grounds, so a private bifldiuilding whery do political work.
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donald trump and mike pence have been here before. they're coming back to have the one on one meeting with the speaker and then later with mitch mcconnell. this is about trying to find a way to begin an agenda. i was in wisconsin with paul ryan. we talked about what kind of relationship can you have after all the criticism of the campaign and ryan said he's been able to turn the page. he looks at the stunning victory of donald trump as a real message to washington for both parties that voters do not want more of what has been and he wants to try to forge a relationship. for donald trump, there's some benefit in this because paul ryan, mitch mcconnell, they bring a lot of policy heft. they have plans ready. they're written in the kind of way you need to gear them up if you begin legislation and it's about agreeing on the ideas and the policies and starting to move forward. at the same time, this is a meeting where republicans can, you know, literally or figuratively high five. they want it all. so very different than the white house meeting. for mitch mcconnell, he holds on
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to the senate. that was a big question mark during the campaign. for speaker ryan, i am told that donald trump supports him to remain as speaker which is intended to quiet those dozen, two dozen most conservative members angry at paul ryan for not embracing donald trump during the campaign. well, he's embracing him now. after all the sort of pageantry and the tradition at the white house, this meeting is about getting down to business both a personal connection and a policy one going forward. kristen? >> kelly, i know you'll be tracking all of the fast-moving developments over there but it will be an extraordinary day on capitol hill. that is for sure. i want to head over to ayman mohyeldin outside of trump tower in new york and ayman, there's a lot of security there and it comes on the heels of all of these protests that we saw overnight breaking out in major cities all across the country. so tell us about security measures you're seeing but also these protests and what it means about how difficult it's going to be to try to unify this
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country? >> reporter: yeah, krais tisten. let me set the scene. one of the major thoroughways and pretty much barricaded the front entrance of the trump tower with the sanitation trucks. many filled with sand to keep cars away from the building and other the side throughout the election was most times open to pedestrian traffic. it is no longer open to pedestrian traffic. in fact, that area is completely sealed off. the secret service is around the building but a sense of how difficult securing this building will be given the fact that there are so many of these protests. you refrnerenced the protests n just last night but in new york. thousands of protesters came to trump tower shutting down a major part of the city for a couple of hours while protesters were demanding or at least expressing their protests with the election of donald trump. the protesters last night really expressing their disappointment with two parts. one, donald trump, the hashtag,
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he is not my president, was trending on social media. that was one of the rallying cries we heard throughout the demonstrations expressing their disappointment with what they say are his positions, xenophobic and anti-immigration. those were part of the chants not just in new york but several cities throughout the united states and also, the electoral college saying that they actually had the tpopular vote for hillary clinton but donald trump elected. they expect protests to continue and that leads to part of the security concerns that officials here have. >> ayman mohyeldin reporting from trump tower in monew york. thank you for helping us cover that important angle to the story. first 100 days. what president elect trump's are saying and michelle obama will host melania trump and what we can expect to have happen at
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today's transition meeting. all that ahead and another look at the laguardia runway. what you might call a salute to trump by spraying his plane with two high powered hoses and donald trump's arrival. that to you live and right here on msnbc, the place for l politics. world ugly and messy. they are the natural born enemy of the way things are. yes, ideas are scary, and messy and fragile. but under the proper care, they become something beautiful.
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welcome back. this is live coverage of this historic day in washington. we want to show you a live look now at reagan national airport and the white house where we are expecting the arrival of president elect trump and his wife, melania. republicans on capitol hill quickly getting in line behind the new president. tuesday's election also helped
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the gop maintain control of both chambers of congress. the top priority for lawmakers and the new president will be health care. trump and republican leaders now preparing to repeal the affordable care act. >> after a tough campaign where people believe that they were pitching so hard for one side or the other, at the time, to heal and unify. this is not a popular law. this is collapsing under its own weight. >> it's a high item on our agenda, as you know. and i would be shocked if we didn't move forward to keep our commitment to the american people. it was the singlie worst piece f legislation among many bad pieces of legislation. >> with we now, two of our best, ron reagan and hugh hewitt. thank you for joining me. >> thanks, kristen. >> hugh, i want to start with you. we have heard donald trump say a number of times on the campaign trail that one of his first priorities is going to be to repeal and replace obamacare.
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we all remember how challenging, how long the process was to actually put it in place to get it passed. so what does that look like? he has majorities in both chambers. how quickly could this happen? how difficult will it be? >> i think reconciliation is to move exat tpeditiously but i th obamacare premiums and deductibles are riding on dining room tables with secretary clinton's ethics problems especially in pennsylvania, wisconsin. i just learned before i came out on the first time since 1928, tremble county ohio voted republican and it went red for the first time since 1928. i think that's obamacare. i believe. it's a steel town, automobile town, union town. i think that's obamacare and i think they need to move quickly. >> let me follow up with you on
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that point because you say that the repeal part might happen very quickly but the replace part. that's the challenge. the president himself has said, we put something in place. it's not perfect. let's take this piece of legislation. let's make it better. if you scrap the whole thing, hugh, what happens to the 20 million people who now have health care and don't we just see premiums and everybody's health care prices go way up? >> i talked to people and other specialists. there are a lot of things that can be done without obamacare including a national marketplace which the president elect has talked about including making sure that you do keep preexisting condition coverage. you may keep people up to 26 on their children's plans but got to change the benefits mix and got to make a national market and health savings accounts. they will replace it with something. it will be a negotiation. they have the few months. >> what happens to the people during the negotiations? what happens to the 20 million americans who now have health
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care who didn't have it before during the negotiations which you and i know all can stretch out over months if not longer. >> >> i think much quicker but don't repeal until you have something to replace it with and might involve the edge of medicare or the edge of medicaid. if they had been expanded too quickly or rapidly but what's more important than the 20 million people marginally impacted is the hundreds of millions of people who can't afford the collapse of the american health care system ongoing and rampant. >> i want to talk to you about this extraordinary day here in washington and one of the components that makes it so striking is that there are so many gop senators who are in competitive races who distance themselves from donald trump or denounced him. kelly ayotte, mark kirk who lost on tuesday. but the ones who are going to be with him, pat toomey, roy blunt, richard burr. how does he work with them? say, hey, look, we didn't mean all of that. we're ready to work with you.
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what's your expectation? >> well, first of all, shame on them. they should have meant it. it is a disreputable character. we've never had somebody so unfit and so unprepared to be president as president elect donald trump. so, you know, these people, the republicans, the individuals in the republican party who backed donald trump despite what we know about him and his boasts about assaulting women, despite his obvious ineptitude, his inability to string two sentences together regarding any policy proposal, the people who backed him are covered in shame now and now they've gotten what they wanted. now they've got at least four years of donald trump. as to the obamacare, if i may, if i may comment on obamacare, you know, hugh hewitt neglects one thing. hugh is a bright guy and i enjoy listening to him but he does neglect one thing here.
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obamacare is the republican alternative to what really is liberal progressive health care which is a universal single payer plan which is what the rest of the world does very successfully, i might add, i spent a lot of time in europe and they're baffled by our inability and unwillingness to adopt a sort of welfare system. kind of scheme for our medical system. so you're absolutely right. what do you do with the 20 million people who will lose their medical care? hugh hewitt cites the things and bad but then cites the good things like preexisting conditions no longer get you kicked off your insurance. that's going to come back. let them run the show. let profit-making corporations who don't care about your health care run our health care system, again, that's what you're going to get. so i hope we're all happy about that. >> ron, you make an interesting
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point. what about that, hugh? this wasn't actually what the democrats wanted. they wanted a single payer plan and by the way, donald trump likes a whole lot about obamacare when you break it down to what he's actually saying. >> i was proud and still am proud to have served ron's dad in the white house council's officer and i believe in free markets for free solutions. he would have never adopted the british health system. it does work if you've got a lot of money and few people. we've got a lot of people and little money. we have to innovate and be open to new solutions. i want to say though, i am with president obama and secretary clinton on the rhetoric that ought to be greeting donald trump not with ron reagan's rhetoric but always given new presidents a honeymoon. i gave a lot of grace at the beginning and i think the protesters and commentators ought to be saying, we know we didn't like him but now join together in hoping he does good
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things but stand ready to criticize when warranted. i really do think we've got to back off until february and march off of this left wing constant barrage on donald trump. he won. they lost, to quote president obama. he gets a shot. >> he lost the popular vote, hugh, as you know. and speaking of honeymoons, what happens when barack obama was elected president in 2008? on his inauguration day, senate republicans got together to agree they would simply oppose anything he tried to do. anything, even if they agreed with it because they wanted him to be painted as a failure? >> i don't expect democrats to go along with this legislative but george w. bush had five talk show hosts to give the new guy a chance and we did. >> when barack obama was inaugurated, oppose everything he tried to do? >> some did really set in after the actual inauguration happen.
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we are looking at donald trump's plane right now. took off from new york just a short while ago. it is heading to reagan national airport. i want to talk to both of you as we look forward about the new transition that we might see as we watch trump's plane get closer to washington, dc. let's talk about some of the names that we're hearing, gentlemen. rudy giuliani, chris christie, newt gingrich, michael flynn, ben carson, potentially. weigh in on some of the names. you know there are some concerns among minority communities that this cabinet won't be diverse enough. when you hear those names, what do you think? >> i think danger. i think danger will robinson. we've got a problem here. donald trump doesn't know anything. there is a huge vacuum now, will be a huge vacuum in the oval
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office. we will go from one of the most cerebral intellectual presidents we've had to somebody who really appears to not have an attention span. again, we watched him during debates when policy issues would be brought up. he clearly could not engage. >> what do you make of some of the names? >> i'm getting there. >> these are serious people. jeff sessions, michael flynn, rudy giuliani. >> are they? i'm not sure how serious rudy giuliani is. i watched him during the campaign. he didn't strike me as a serious individual. >> he serviced for mayor of new york. >> the point i was trying to make is there's a vacuum in the presidency and that vacuum will be filled by other people and if these are the other people he's talking about, rudy giuliani, newt gingrich who left congress in disgrace, then i think we're in trouble. >> and we have trump's plane touching down here at reagan national airport. the president elect. first lady to soon to be melania trump and vice president elect
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mike pence all set to hold meetings here at the white house and on capitol hill. and as we watch these images live now from reagan national airport, hugh, let me go back to you and get your reaction to some of the names we're hearing. chris christie, obviously, someone who has been engaged in this transition for many months now but also had to live his own controversies. go ahead. >> i believe that ron gets 5 points for getting a lost in space reference in but no points for not knowing rudy giuliani was associate attorney general for his father and the united states attorney for the southern district of new york. >> i'm aware of that. >> qualified to be the attorney general. i also like the name jim talent at defense and i like the name john bolton at state. i like a lot of these. chris christie makes sense to me but like vice presidential lists. they don't really matter for a couple of weeks.
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everybody is putting their name in play for a lot of different reasons. let's wait and see but i like a lot of these names and there will be diversity in the trump administration. you can count on that but wait until the end of the play to see who's unveiled in the cast. >> ron and hugh, tremendous conversation. stick around. i want to go to peter alexander who's covered the white house with me at the white house with me right now. peter, we're watching donald trump's plane taxiing now at reagan national airport set for an historic day of meetings here in washington at the white house and on capitol hill. what are you expecting from the day, peter? >> this is just a dramatic day from the awkwardness and the president acknowledging, this is the first time ever that president obama and donald trump will meet in person face to face so obviously, that's the backdrop based on the bitter exchanges these two have shared over the course of the last five
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plus years but what's striking as the sort of celebratory moment on donald trump's arrival here, the nypd, it's just sort of the heartbreak being experienced and now settling in for the people who work here at the oval office, around the oval office, at the west wing. across the board, and you and i have been having these conversations today and they are all trying to come to terms with the transition about to take place. they knew that their time here would end soon. i didn't think it would end like this and they talk about acknowledging some of the demographic challenges for democrats where major cities like chicago and new york and los angeles are heavily blue but the rural areas and the rest of the country still leans to the right. and is behind this donald trump campaign and they all obviously want to see a successful presidency to follow but hope it doesn't basically eviscerate so much of the effort they've put in over the course of the last
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eight years. >> let's talk about expectations for this meeting. as you rightfully point out, there has been a lot of emotion. one white house staffer described the mood here as bleak. but president obama trying to set a very different tone today and it really begins with this meeting which as you have been reporting on "the today show" today, it will be their first meeting. the president is known for having strong opinions and at times for lecturing republicans here in washington. i don't get the sense that's the approach he's going to take today. what is your sense? >> reporter: i don't get the sense at all he'll be lecturing donald trump today but make an impassioned. not a plea so much but an effort to communicate to him some of the real challenges that he's experienced and some of the things he feels most strongly about and hope that donald trump will give real consideration to try to find ways to blend, as it were, to jell. sort of extend the policies of the obama administration even in
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ways donald trump may view as necessary to change them. i think beyond that, obviously, there is the personal relationship. these two men now share what is the most unique of american fraternities. 45 men with donald trump. the latest addition. the glass ceiling not shattered. it would have become a fraternity with the sorority on the side but these 45 individuals share that unique place where only president obama can communicate in real terms to donald trump the challenges that come with overseeing the safety and security not just of the americans at home but so many of those serving overseas. i think that and the bonding over trying to raise children, frankly, here in the white house with roughly the same age as the obama girls were. one of the two things they can share as they try to come to terms and officially begin this real white house transition. >> and again, we are looking at live pictures of president elect donald trump's plane taxiing now
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at reagan national airport. the billionaire businessman turned reality tv star now president elect of the united states. a point underscored by the fact that his name is em blazened on the side of this plane. something that we have quite frankly never seen in a moment of transition like this. i want to bring in jonathan. thank you for being here. i want you to reflect on these images and this moment. >> what we're seeing now is the transition of power. the american people spoke on november 8th. they selected donald trump over hillary clinton and one of the big concerns was, you remember during the debates, donald trump was asked, would you accept the election ru election results and said, we'll have to see and so there was a big concern among a lot of people that if he were on the other side of what had happened, would he accept the election results but what we're seeing now is that he is the victor and
7:33 am
as president obama and hillary clinton in her concession speech made clear that it's, what happened on tuesday was beyond them. it was beyond hillary clinton. it's beyond president obama in whatever animosity he might have towards donald trump. it's about this enterprise, this important enterprise that's the united states of america upholding our constitution and continuing a 240 year tradition of a peaceful transfer of power from one party to another, one president to another. with donald trump touching down here at the national airport, the meeting that's about to happen is a few hundred yards from us here in the oval office between the president and the president elect. hopefully this will be the continuation of more sort of positive transition, peaceful transition of power moments. >> and of course, president obama continues to point to the transition that he had in 2008. with former president george w. bush and he said he made that
7:34 am
transition about as smooth as it could be and that he wants to use that as an example for this moment. and i want to bring in kevin sarelli. what do you think donald trump hopes to gain out of this day? what are his expectations? what will his tone be? >> the sources that i'm speaking with inside of the trump advising world, if you will, tell me that today is going to be a little more than a photo op but an important photo op to symbolize the peaceful transition of power. it is also the opportunity for donald trump to appear presidential, to continue on with that message that we saw just the other morning at 3:00 a.m. when he vowed to be a president for all the people despite, of course, widespread criticism from the many different communities in the nation questioning if he would be able to do just that. >> there we see the stairs have just been wheeled over to president elect donald trump's
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plane. so we anticipate that in a matter of moments, we will see him deboard along with his wife, melania, the soon to be first lady, as well as vice president elect mike pence. jonathan, one of the aspects of this that is so striking and so extraordinary is that donald trump launched his political career by questioning the legitimacy of this president. our nation's first african-american president. he questioned whether he was born here and it wasn't until really a matter of weeks before election day that he finally acknowledged what the rest of the country acknowledged long ago that he was an american south. how does that backdrop play into what is going to be just an incredible conversation between the two? >> that fact right there is the foundation of the drama of what is about to happen. it is one thing for political opponents to take shots at each
7:36 am
other, to question their motives, question their policies. even take personal digs at people but this, the birther accusation, questioning the president's citizenship, where he was born, was rooted in, one, rooted in racism but two, was something that were it true, would have totally undermined the legitimacy of barack obama's presidency and so you're not just going for a personal dig at the president of the united states, but questioning his authority to the oval office. so imagine president obama now has to face the man who led that birther movement but also now his successor and if anything, you've covered president obama, i've covered president obama. the nation has watched this president and this family and the one thing that is guaranteed in the meetings today between president obama and president
7:37 am
elect trump and between first lady michelle obama and mrs. trump is that they will be 100% gracious because as i said a moment ago, they know that this election is bigger than them. it's bigger than the people who are meeting today. that these meetings are vital because it's about the united states. >> i want to bring hugh hewitt back in on that point and also note that vice president elect pence is actually arriving on a separate plane. hugh, your thoughts about that and how the birther controversy which was put to rest before election day, how might that impact this meeting? will either of them bring it up? should they? >> i can't imagine it. i believe that jonathan is correct. it's a meeting between presidents in a small club. one is a president elect, one going out and tend to treat each other with the deference. donald trump has not experienced the office is overwhelming. i'll point out donald trump has a unique position.
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he's arriving without a prior member of his party in support of him. whereas 43 could call 41 and president reagan could and did call president nixon and bill clinton could call jimmy carter, this president, this president elect donald trump was not supported by any prior president and of course, secretary clinton could have called her husband. a lonelier entry into the white house because he's not coming in with anyone as nixon did, would call ike and kennedy did during the cuban miss l crisis. so hopefully the former president's club, all males, as pointed out, will rally around and put aside the partisan rhetoric that dominated the streets and realize that rookies in the job no matter how confident they are find moments and invitations to talk through it with people and few who have. >> what a it isfascinating poin.
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there's donald trump, president elect donald trump and melania trump deboarding the plane waving to the crowd as he is set to hold meetings here on the white house and capitol hill, his first face to face meeting with president obama. one that will undoultbtedly be extraordinary one. and i want to bring you in on the point that hugh makes, such a really interesting point that he doesn't necessarily have this group of people around him that he can readily reach out to. and talk to about this transition. talk about how important that has been in the past and how we might see that at work right now. >> well, the presidency is not like any other job. this is an awesome responsibility that donald trump is taking on now and it brings you face to face with the reality of the world in a very,
7:40 am
very stark way. there is no really preparing for the presidency as such. you can't practice being the president, being the governor of a large state like my father was governor of california for two years. that's a big deal and does prepare you for being in an executive position like that, but it is not the same as being president of the united states. you do need, it is helpful to talk with, as you said, people who have been there before, in the building who know what this is all about, who have felt that kind of responsibility before and it is telling, it is striking that no former president is backing donald trump. donald trump is about to get hit in the face by responsibility and reality like he has never seen before. he's going to get an intelligence briefing now that is a real intelligence briefing, not the sort of one that they give to the candidates and more
7:41 am
a general sort of thing but get read in now and the fantasy bubble he's been living in, the one where barack obama isn't an american and the whole country is collapsing and you can't leave your house without getting shot down in the street, all that kind of stuff, reality is going to arrive at his doorstep. and it's going to be striking for him. it's going to be bracing for him and it's going to be a very interesting thing to watch him as an individual grapple with this and assume this awesome responsibility like nothing he's ever experienced before. >> and as we watch the trump motorcade departing from reagan national airport heading here to the white house. we are reminded of what president obama said yesterday and his own transition. the fact that former president george w. bush made the transition for him incredibly smooth, gave him all the information he theedeneeded.
7:42 am
what are your memories from that moment and how might that inform this transition that we are about to witness which as president obama said yesterday, he and former president george w. bush didn't agree on a whole host of issues but that transition set the tone and set the tone for the country. >> that george w. bush was so gracious and set an example i'm quite certain president obama will follow. the man is a good man. i don't agree with him on anything but he's a good man and follow the good man, george w. bush's approach. the only transition i experience is president reagan to president bush which was as seamless as could be. ron's father mentored george h.w. bush but there was tension between those george h.w. bush people to clear out the desk and actually a little bit more difficult to go from republican to republican sometimes than democrat to republican but the best of both men from now to the
7:43 am
inauguration and then the fisticuffs will break out soon after everyone is sworn in and the capitol is cleared but i hope we focus on the fact that the peaceful transition of power is the great glory. it's the best cliche we have. >> i think all of us couldn't agree with that statement more. the fisticuffs will get under way after the inauguration at some point. a number of democrats, minority leader pelosi and bernie sanders, hillary clinton's rival in the primary and then became one of her top surrogates. talk about the fact they want to find some chon ground ommon gro things like infrastructure projects, a jobs bill, potentially. how long do you think the goodwill will last and do you think they can get that? americans want to see progress. they want to see legislation. they are sick of a gridlock government. >> i want to say, today what we see is a very visible
7:44 am
manifestation of first lady michelle obama's statement when they go low, we go high. we see the obamas at the highest they've ever been. to your question about bernie sanders and democrats trying to find common ground with republicans, again, it's about democrats and elected officials trying to keep this enterprise that is the united states running and functioning and if there's anything that was common between bernie sanders supporters and trump supporters, it was this this anger at the establishment, anger at the fact that washington did not pay attention to people who were hurting economically, who wanted jobs, who wanted to get out from under college debt, who want infrastructure fix. if those are things that bernie sanders and the democrats want and president elect trump, once he becomes president and the republican speaker paul ryan can find agreement on and get moving on, then that would be a terrific way to begin a trump
7:45 am
administration. >> i want to bring in my colleague, hanz nichols, watching this historic event unfold with us. we have been talking about the fact that what goes along with this transition is that president elect donald trump will start receiving intelligence briefings in earnest now. what can we expect from those briefings? and how does that all unfold? >> kristen, these briefings will be a much higher level of classification. it was known as the presidential daily briefing. we expect president elect trump to get he hthese briefings some in the next. a couple briefings. >> and i want to go to kevin surly. what are your thoughts about that? how does that change donald trump from a candidate to someone about to assume the highest power in the land?
7:46 am
>> just the imagery of what we are seeing unfold of donald trump who, president obama said just the other week that it would be a personal offense for him if donald trump was elected president and now we are about to see donald trump meeting with president obama. i think, of course, we have to note here that the largest con tin tin, contingency went to president obama and turned states like pennsylvania and michigan to becoming red states this election cycle. it's fascinating. so i think that this is a moment that many in the country never thought would happen but we're about to see it happen and the
7:47 am
bottom line is despite such a vitriolic, acidic and at times, vulgar presidential campaign, we have this peaceful transition of power, a hallmark tradition within our country. >> and johnathan, to that point, i think a lot of people were struck by the fact that there were protests in major cities all across the country last night and the protesters say they're going to continue. how does donald trump, after this transition is in place, begin the very hard process of trying to unify what is right now a very deeply divided country? >> i would say he needs to start listening to those protesters now. one, they're exercising their constitutionally protected right of free speech. they didn't like the election results and make the displeasure known but also it's not just they're protesting because he won the election, but they're protesting because of what he said and the policies he
7:48 am
proposed that now could be implemented as a result of his being elected. what we're seeing here is the majority of the american public that voted for hillary clinton, a lot of them take to the streets in several cities around the country. it would be one thing if people decembscended on the white hous protest but city streets around the country making their displeasure known and for president elect trump, it's vital, essential that he and the people around him who will have the awesome responsibility to govern this country listen to what they have to say. >> chris, we just watched president elect trump's motorcade leaving reagan national airport. it's a very short trip here to the white house. so we anticipate he will be arriving fairly soon. to that point, folks that you were talking to here on capitol hill inside the white house, inside the trump campaign, how challenging is that going to be to try to unify, bring this
7:49 am
country behind him because he has set out a number of policy goals he's going to want to get to work on? >> i think the standard was set with the words of donald trump, with the words of the president, with the words of hillary clinton. they were measured. they were appropriate. they were forward looking. and one of the things that donald trump has said and he said many things over the course of the campaign, claiming about all the great things he was going to do but said, i could be very presidential. i could be more presidential than anybody. that's a kind of throwaway line but this is his opportunity to show it. over the last day or so, i've talked to a couple of people around for different transitions and they said that no matter what happens on that night when you win the presidency, the first time you go into the oval office, the first time you shake hands with the man who holds
7:50 am
that office now and is in that very small club, there is a huge weight and understanding that comes on you and no matter how much you think you know the american people are counting on you, it takes on a different tenor. so for donald trump, this is going to be, i think, a very emotionally, intellectually and personally important moment for him because he has to understand and he will understand as all of us who ever walked into that office before, weight of the history and weight of the future. >> one of the moments that a lot of us are also anticipating is the meti meeting between first michelle obama and donald trump and we watch the motorcade pull into the white house at this hour. donald trump, the soon to be first lady, melania trump, about to greet the obamas.
7:51 am
the first lady has been very active on the campaign trail. >> never seen anything like it. >> never seen anything like it but there is that line she continues to say. when they go low, we go high. her tone is going to be critical today as well, chris. >> she has also called the words of donald trump, particularly if they relate to women, disgraceful and intolerable and she gave what many people considered to be one of the great political speeches in modern time when she spoke personally about what it meant to her and her daughters. so now she is going to welcome the future first lady, someone who frankly has studiously stayed out of the about eye and called reluctantly out to defend her husband from the critics who said that he did not treat women appropriately and someone who i saw out on the campaign trail, her one solo speech in suburban philadelphia. it was very brief. she is someone who is going to come into this not, i think, with her eyes closed because she
7:52 am
certainly has had a lot of exposure to somebody who's very famous but this is a whole different level for her. >> jonathan, weigh in on that. >> and the other thing. let's keep in mind that the first speech we heard from melania trump was at the republican convention in cleveland and almost immediately, it was revealed that large chunks of it had come from michelle obama's convention speech from, i believe, it was 2008. so there's a little, there could be a little tension there, at least irony between the two of them but i don't expect there to be the same level of drama and intensity between first lady michelle obama and mrs. trump. as most definitely, it will be between their husbands. >> and just to remind our viewers of what we're looking at. this is the motorcade of president elect donald trump pulling in to the white house, preparing to have his first meeting with president obama, his first face to face meeting.
7:53 am
it will take place in the oval office. we anticipate it will cover a range of topics and at the top of that list, what it means to be president. how governing is very different than running a campaign. something that president obama learned was not necessarily the same thing, chris, when he assumed office and he talked about that. he talked about the fact that he had these high expectations for what it would be like when he got into office because he did feel as though he to, some extent, had a mandate but the actual act of governing is so much tougher. donald trump talked about repealing and replacing obamacare. that is not something that gets done overnight even though he has majorities in the senate and in the house. he's talked about building a wall. a lot of controversial policies. >> and a lot of things we don't know any details about. he never revealed on the stump and never answered questions, whether it was in a debate or an interview any of the kind of details we heard from people before him. and i don't think you could
7:54 am
mention enough. this is someone who has no experience in governing. president obama was criticized on the campaign trail because he was a one-term senator. because he didn't have the kind of experience he acknowledged that hillary clinton has had she been elected president. so he's coming into this, i think, certainly at an institutional deficit. it's important to surround himself with people who understand the way government works and i have to believe he'll ask questions of the president about just the logistics of what this office entails. >> we are looking at a split screen. the trump motorcade and the west wing where the president and obviously, he calls foreign leaders, deals with international crises. you've been covering this
7:55 am
election. donald trump himself said he was surprised when he won the nomination. and winning the actual presidency, the fact he has no experience governing. >> this should be in a healthy sense the most frightening meeting he should ever have. walking into that office, as chris said before, and the person who will next occupy it and all of the things that should be weighing down on him now. it should be pretty incredible and correct me if i'm wrong, we're looking on the right side of the street in the west wing lobby but a marine guard outside of the door, that's a symbol that the president is in the oval office. there was a guard and no longer there and we know the president and the first lady are there to greet president elect trump and mrs. trump and i'm sure at some moment, a marine will reappear
7:56 am
and a symbol that the president is in the oval office and that donald trump, president elect donald trump is in there with him. >> i think the greeting will take place on the south lawn and try to get as many as possible but not clear how much to see but the meeting will take place in the oval office inside the west wing. and the stakes couldn't be higher. the president, as we were told, had a number of meetings with his staff members in the same oval office. a number of them in tears concerned that everything they've worked for over the past eight years would be undone. and he said to them, essentially, it's important that we all set the tone. not just in my meeting with donald trump but all of us. we all have a significant role to play in this transition. what are the staffers tell yoin you? >> they are understandably upset. there are people. we know that's working here.
7:57 am
they worked incredibly hard and i come in at 6:00 in the morning and leave at 7:00 at night and still in their offices. they're still working. you worked many a weekend day and you see that they're here, they're on call. and they care about these things. they believe in obamacare. they believe in the policies that this president has put forward and he himself said every time i saw him and i saw him many times on the campaign trail over the last month that all of these things are at stake. this is what's at stake, he would tell people, as he was trying to urge them to get out and vote, but what he called them in in small groups, he said, this is how democracy works and we still have jobs to do and there's a higher calling that our own personal ambitions or beliefs, it's about the peaceful transition, it's about giving an opportunity to this new president to have an open mind as the president said, we
7:58 am
want to be the people who allow him to success and heard it from hillary clinton i think for all the emotion inside that building, those are the people who have this happen. every agency who are going to have to make this happen. >> a very good point that the president made to the staff and really, it's not just about him and the first lady but all of them, within not just the white house but within the administration that the peaceful transition of power is not just about the two occupants of the oval office. the outgoing and the incoming but everyone in the administration. the government is much larger than the man in the office. and as we're seeing right now with these meetings and the
7:59 am
circumstance of the moment right now that it's about, again, as i keep saying over and over again, the important enterprise that is the united states. >> one of the things we know, for example, happening behind the scenes as we wait for this meeting to happen is that the white house team and trump's national security team in the coming days will conduct what are called black onyx exercises simulating a crisis in realtime. these are the kind of things that go on that have real and direct consequences for our country and for all of us as sout citizens so it's important the people doing that are all in. >> thank you for helping me to cover and monitor and watch and take in this historic extraordinary day in our nation's capitol and with that, i want to turn our coverage over to my colleague, tamron hall.
8:00 am
thank you. we wait for donald trump to be greeted by president obama and michelle obama. we wait for the obamas to greet the trumps. the president and the president elect will meet after years of being bitter political rivals, beginning with trump essentially being the birther in chief. the person behind the movement, delegitimizing or attempting to, president obama's birthplace and his place in history. first lady michelle obama will give the next first lady, the tour of the private living quarters. let's get to senior white house correspondent chris jansing and the relationship or lack thereof between these two men but let's talk about what will play out. what has played out many times in the nation's history including with president obama and george bush who had their differences as well. >> reporter: we heard the president say yesterday that he remembers that transition and how cooperative that president and


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